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Sexy Lips celebrates the power of women around the world.

Sexy Lips products are designed to care for your lips while you conquer the world. Highlight your natural beauty and create bold, classy looks with our vibrant, long-lasting lip stains. No smudges, no smears – guaranteed. Looking good has never been so easy!
Sexy Lips

Meet Luzmilla

Sexy Lips' mission is to empower and inspire women to be their beautiful selves.

SexyLips is owned and operated by Luzmila Dahlstrom. As a licensed aesthetician for over 20 years, she mainly provided unique facial treatments to enhance the natural beauty found beneath the skin. She rarely wore makeup but soon realized her passion was growing beyond facial treatments and skincare.

SexyLips landed at the right time and started with her. Luzmila wanted to use nature’s colors to enhance facial features like her lips to boost her busy schedule and lifestyle, inspiring others that anything can be done no matter how busy we are in this chaotic world.

She wanted to POP natural beauty with vibrant, lip-stain colors that lasted all day. SexyLips products provide all-day wear and nourishment using stunningly natural colors, giving your lips and yourself much-needed TLC.

See happiness and well-being through the beautiful world of SexyLips.

"I've known Sexy Lips for 6 years already and I can only say that it's the best lipstick I've found! It has gorgeous vibrant colors that look great on me and the best thing is that it lasts all day...I can guarantee it's a fantastic product!"

Yisalex Carrera