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Will Sexy Lips Lip Stain dry my lips?
Sexy Lips ingredients and formulas are designed to be much less drying than the other long wearing lip stains. Our unique combination of ingredients and emollients help your lips retain their natural moisture while keeping color in place.
Does Sexy Lips Lip Stain contain alcohol or parabens?

No. Sexy Lips Lip Stains are free from alcohol and parabens, which can dry and damage your lips.

Does Sexy Lips Lip Stain contain hazardous ingredients?
No. All Sexy Lips ingredients are FDA approved and recommended for use in cosmetics by the FDA as well as endorsed by the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC).
How often will I have to re-apply Sexy Lips Lip Stain?
Friction and oils can break down your Sexy Lips Lip Stain. If you are not introducing foreign agents or oily materials into the lip area, your Sexy Lips Lip Stain will last approximately all day. French fries or pizza at lunch with a lot of napkin dabbing on your lips? You may need to re-apply.
Why does my lip stain come off from the area inside the mouth?
The inside of your lips is actually a mucous membrane, which is much different than the skin on the outside surface area of your lips. Mucous membranes are always lubricated, so lip stain cannot dry properly or adhere to the inside of your mouth.
Should I completely remove the Sexy Lips Lip Stain before re-applying?
Sexy Lips Lip Stain adheres best to a smooth surface. We recommend removing your Sexy Lips Lip stain fully with the Sexy Lips stain remover. It only takes few minutes and your lips will look and feel their best.
Is there a difference in the formula or texture of Sexy Lips Lip Stain colors?
You may notice a slight difference in the texture or feel of your Sexy Lips Lip Stains depending on the colors you choose. Each stain uses a unique formula to achieve its color and look. Passion Red Lip Stain uses pigments that absorb fairly quickly resulting in an elegant matte finish. Playful Pink and Seductive Nude Lip Stains use mica pearls to achieve their shine and translucence. These pearls do not absorb quite as quickly as pigments do, which can result in a sticky feeling if you rub your lips together before the stain is fully dry.
Which color formula is best for my lips?
All of the Sexy Lips formulas are engineered for health and safety. They are all great for your lips regardless of color formula. One is not better than the other. You get to choose the color and look that best works for you.
How do I remove Sexy Lips Lip Stain from my teeth?
A quick swipe with a tissue will remove Sexy Lips Lip Stain from natural teeth, but the organic colorants in our Lip Stain can stain porcelain caps and veneers. Take the same care in applying your lip stain as you would when consuming foods high in organic colorants, such as blueberries. Dentist recommend the use of teeth stain remover if you rub a large amount of Sexy Lips Lip stain on dentures or porcelain dental work.